Sunday, March 2, 2008

Are You Your Daughter's Friend?

I have raised 4 children already and this last baby girl of mine is quickly becoming a young lady. We all know that as our children grow, they begin to assert their independence and sometimes it can get really hard to deal with., even a hard struggle of power sometimes. You need to be a good listener and try to be open to their ideas, even give some advice but you must always remain a parent. My teen and I are very close. I respect her privacy, I am a great listener, but I also let my daughter know what I think are the good choices from the bad. I want her to know that I am here for her, but that I am still in charge. Make sure your daughter knows what the rules are in regards to dating, friends, school work and what's expected from her at home and housework as well. I am also very quick to praise for something done right. Raising teens in this day and time, is sure different than when my mother raised me.

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hipmommy from Hip Mommy's Place said...

Debbie-I wish my mom was like you when I was a teenager. I love my mom and she is a good person, but she raised me as if I was her little sister/friend. She never really acted like a parent. Our role is definitely reversed. Right now, I am acting more like her parent....

You are an awesome parent, Debbie!