Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Value Of Bargain Shopping

It's time to go and buy my daughter more clothes.....seems she just keeps growing. Getting taller and needing to replace some of the things that no longer fit, or are worn to a frazzle. Clothing just doesn't seem to last any time at all these days. T-shirts seem to be made really thin, which after many washings get less vibrant and sometimes just way too darned thin. We have a budget in mind. We had a budget today of 135.oo and here's what was on the list
  1. 2 pair of jeans
  2. 2 t-shirts appropriate for school wear
  3. bras
  4. panties
  5. socks
  6. shoes
Wow, what a list! How can we get so much with only $135, you ask? Well, here's how we did it. I do this every time I take her shopping, so she will learn how to budget the money wisely. We shop for the bargains. Everything we bought was brand new. We went to Khols first of all. They were having an "early bird special". We were in luck. She found 2 bras for $10.80 each, 1 graphic t-shirt on sale for half price for $10, and 1 sleeveless t shirt for $6.30.....after taxes, the grand total was $41.03
Next we went to Walmart for 2 packages of socks, 1 tank shirt and a package of panties and the total was $21.79
Next stop was JCPenney's. She purchased 2 pair of jeans, 1 for $16.99 on sale half price, the other pair called "angels" were also on sale for half off costing 24.99.
Last stop, and after this stop, she was tired and wanted to go home.....but knowing that she finished up her money. We went to Payless Shoes. She got a BOGO deal and bought 1 pair for $22.99, and the 2nd pair was only $5.00. We had a grand total of $30.30.
She had fun, and I had fun watching her check prices and keeping track of how much each purchase was and how much was still left.

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