Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Life's Unexpected Emergencies

We live day to day, mostly in a comfort zone of things done the same way and it's hard when things suddenly change. We had an unexpected change last week which took me away from the home and out of state for a week. My dad went to the dr. having a little bit of arm pain and dizzy spell, and after a quick and simple procedure of having a scope take a look, he had to undergo a quadruple by-pass. Of course, I booked a flight out of state immediately and threw a few things into my gym bag, figuring I wouldn't need much, and had to go on a plane to Florida. My darling daughter was beside herself and didn't want me to leave. She was not used to having mom gone. This was definetly an unexpected emergency. My cell phone was our only way of communicating since I was at the hospital from early morning til the sun went down. His surgery ended up fine, however, it was more than draining on me. I think my daughter learned how to help hubby around the house a little more and learned how to survive without me for a week. Sometimes life just throws you an unexpected curve.

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