Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Making Good Choices

During the teen years, and sometimes before, our children start asserting more of their independence. Sometimes they can go through it without too many problems, however, some go through it really hard. I have 5 children. They are all grown now except for my youngest one, who is now 14.
I can honestly say that none of them went through the teen years the same.
I have told my youngest daughter about making wise choices in her life. She asked me what that meant. I told her that as long as she chooses good friends to hang around with, follow the rules that I have set down for her and make decent grades in school that all of the "goodies" that she owns will remain hers. However, if a bad choice comes about, her electronics start getting taken away. Teens nowadays normally are pretty blessed with alot of those expensive, but fun electronics: Cell phones, computers, laptops, the internet, tv with remote, i-pods and so forth. She has been really good about following the rules. She really likes her electronics for sure !


Audrey said...

I'm smiling. It's amazing what kids will do to keep their electronics!! Great post.

Audrey :)

Scout's Honor said...

I guess we started early on the electronics. We take them away constantly for my pre-teen, but then we forget/can't agree to give them back. How long do you take them away?

one thing that does work is that we put them on the fridge in eye view to torture them a bit more. Also helps us not to totally forget to give them back.

Like your blog.