Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Not-So-Good Report Card

What do you do about a "not-so-good" report card? Sometimes we as parents want our children to make better grades than we made ourselves when we went to school, however, today's times are so much different. I have discovered that some of the things they are being taught, I never had a clue about. School is so much more tougher these days. Granted, it's great that they are learning more and more and I am so glad that they are gearing high school towards a college outlook, but what can you do if they don't bring home the grades that you expect of them? First you must find out what the problem is for the grade they were given. Did your teen turn in all of their work? Maybe some of the grade falls on that. Perhaps it's also something a little more difficult than the last semester's learning. In our school, they offer free tutoring for those kinds of things. This kind of tutoring not only helps them to "understand" something that they are having trouble with, but also allows them to make up or turn in some of those old projects that maybe didn't get turned in to help and bring that grade up. Talk with your teen and see why the grades weren't what you expected and try to come up with a remedy for helping them bring it up. Most cases, tutoring has been what's helped us.

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