Sunday, February 24, 2008

Teens, Money, and Checking Accounts

Teaching our teens about money, living expenses and bills are things they probably would rather not hear about. I believe that it all starts when they are younger, receiving allowances for doing chores around the house. Do we teach our daughters about money throughout their years of growing up? Have you started a savings account for them so they will have some money put away for those "college" years? We have one, but it's really not very much. I don't know how people do it these days with groceries and gasoline sky-rocketing. My daughter has started asking about checking accounts and I think that it's good to show them how it works, or at least to explain it to them. You can't spend the money by writing a check, if there's no money in the account. I think she understands that and soon, I hope we will be able to sit down and look at what checks look like and to see what goes in what blanks.

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Jewelgirl said...

My daughter is not quite a teen but
I will be reading this blog for
your ideas, thoughts and advice.
No one can give you good advice
until they've experienced it themselves, thanks for passing it on!