Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Talking On The Phone

Sometimes, it's way too much. I know, I know, when I was a teen, I did the same thing too....but today you've not only got the telephone, but you have a cell phone and text messaging. You've got aol messenger and myspace.com. My darling daughter, it's okay to use the phone and talk to your friends, but there are times in life, especially after you come from school, that you must put that phone to rest long enough to do your homework for school. There's dinner too, not to mention, picking your clothes up off the floor !!!! Let's not make using the phone all afternoon and night a "bad" choice. I know you want to keep your electronics, so try giving the poor phone a little bit of rest, at least until after the homework, dinner and shower is done. After all, homework is a very important part of grades in your school and I know you have to get it done.

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