Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh Those Lovely Hormones !

My daughter sometimes seems like she is on a roller coaster ride with her emotions. It really can be annoying because one minute, she is a really happy go lucky gal, and the next, she's tired and grumpy. I think that not only are her hormones running wild right now, but other things factor in on her moodiness. If her boyfriend calls and they are having a good conversation, wow, that's a happy moment for her, but if she's got homework to do: watch out, because then she's whining. What can we do about all of this moodiness? Not too much, really. Understanding, I suppose is the key issue here, unless, of course, it gets out of hand. When my daughter really starts to overdo the grouchies, I do have a talk with her about it to see if there's anything that can be talked over. Understanding and listening, that's what's important.

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