Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quinceanera Update

Here we are nearly 4 months away from my daughter's quinceanera, and time is really moving quickly. We have an appointment with a choreographer over the weekend and went to one of his quinceanera's to see his work and we were very pleased. Finding a choreographer wasn't easy. I found that by asking around, I found several to choose from. I was also getting a little worried about my daughter not having all her damas and chambelins, so I decided to tell her that we needed to order the girls dresses. Now, for me, it was important to do early so that it would give the families plenty of time to pay on the dress in installments. My daughter called all the girls on her list, told them to meet us at the dress shop around 1 on Saturday, and much to my suprize, all but 1 were able to make it. The mothers came with them to help choose a dress, something appropriate, also something that can be worn again. This worked out so well and I was very pleased. I also called around and found the wishing well that we needed for people to put their cards in at the ceremony, and found one for only 6.99, which I have to decorate, but was happy for the bargain because the one across the street had one for 14.99. What a bargain!

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