Friday, May 2, 2008

How Do You Deal With The "Stubborn" Attitude?

Sometimes my dear darling daughter gets into this really stubborn mood. I don't like it at all because most of the time, she is so easy going and sweet. What gets her into these stubborn periods of time? I don't know if it's pressure at school that she's dealing with or perhaps her monthly time. Either way, I don't like it when we butt heads. I have always told her that I am the mother and she is the daughter. If she has an idea, I am very open to hear it and I listen very well, but I don't HAVE to agree to anything that I don't like. Ok, I know, I have to pull the "mother" card out sometimes but most of the time, she knows what's good with me and what's not. What do I do about those rock solid moments when we don't agree? I do get frustrated but I don't yell. I have to let her know my position. Sometimes we can compromise but if not, she just has to learn how to deal with it. I have to say, that teens go through alot during school hours. They not only have to learn, but they have to put up with many other teens as well, and not all teens are nice. Understanding is the biggest key to getting through those "stubborn" moments in this house.

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