Friday, May 2, 2008

Bringing Home A Boy

What happens when your sweet darling baby girl suddenly shows signs of interest in boys? After all those years of her playing with dolls, riding bikes, taking on interests of anything but boys, and now suddenly, she is growing......getting taller, showing signs of growing into a young lady and wow, the next thing you know, she wants to bring a boy home after school so you can meet him. In our case, her first encounters started with her wanting to meet him at the mall. I was so afraid because once they get into that boy stage, beware! I have already raised 2 daughters and I knew what was headed in my direction next. I allowed her to go to the mall but she had to have a friend with her, someone that I knew already. That worked out wonderfully because she knew that once I dropped her off, she was not allowed to leave. Good thing here too was that he couldn't drive and turns out, his mother stayed at the mall to shop while he was there. I am very lucky, I have to admit, that his mother and dad are very caring, consiencious people. Letting your daughter go out these days has to be thought out about carefully. I have not allowed her to go to any "parties at so-and-so's house". I have let her go places but with friends of hers that I know, and know their families as well. What works for you with your daughters? Anybody got anything they would like to add here? I welcome your comments!

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