Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teens and Education

Here we are, almost at the close of her first year in high school. I have told her to make the best of these last four years because high school really seems to go fast. She has done really good in most of her classes but have had a few struggles in Spanish. Yes, it's an elective but it's really important for her to learn because where we live, jobs pay much better if you are bilingual. She is also gearing up to study becoming an equine vet. I am told that this is really tough, so she needs to keep her grades up. What can you do if your teen isn't doing so well in a class or two? For one, it's crucial to keep up with their grades and secondly, keep a good repoire with the teacher of that class. Many teachers offer free tutoring, depending on the days and times of course, but most offer them right before class or right after. My daughter is famous for not remembering to turn in a particular paper in order to get a grade, so we have to keep up on that. If your school has a program where you can check their grades online like ours does, it's a great program. You can even see daily grades. Education is so important right now, but of course, most teens are thinking about socializing.

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