Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quinceanera Update Again

Well, we are only 3 months and counting so here are more of what's going on. I have decided to make the bouquet myself since I know how. All the crystal bouquets are running $120 and $150 and my daughter has decided that's not necessary. I have also decided to print the invitations myself and was able to find them for half price at our local Hobby Lobby store in the wedding section. Really nice invitations and envelopes orig. $24.99 but since it was half price, I got 2 boxes of 50 for that price. I am also working on the table decorations. Royal blue and baby pink are her colors so I am having a heck of a time finding silk flowers in the blue. Anyways, for the tabletops, I am using the ivy bowls and will decorate those with blue marble stones in the bottom and a candle. I also have purchased heart shaped candle holders and will cover those up with tulle in her colors. I have also thought about cutting out some heart shapes like confetti and spreading those on the tables. Pink hanging hearts in the wedding section of Party City will also help decorate. Her "theme" is hearts so I told her it's Hearts For A Sweetheart. She liked that for sure.

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