Monday, June 23, 2008

OK! Here's The Quinceanera in Her Dress

Here is my cutie-patootie!!!! My goodness how she is growing up!!! She chose this beautiful royal blue dress and actually, she tried on many different colors but this looked so lovely on her. The girls and guys standing up with her are wearing baby pink colored dresses/ tux colored shirts. We are going with the theme: Hearts for a Sweetheart.
We have about gotten all the invitations printed, and are counting down the days now. She picked out her Crown, earrings, and is going to have a heart-shaped sign in book. Now, I have to finish the invitations, and start working on getting the decorations ready. We are planning on getting a lot of us together to go and decorate so I need to have it all done and together so things will go quickly. I don't want to spend hours and hours decorating if we don't have to. I have an arch that I am going to put together and decorate here at home and then carry it to the Dance in the back of our pickup. I know that many girls are planning quinceanera's right now. It's fun, but a whole lot of work.

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