Friday, June 20, 2008

Still Working On That Quinceanera

Wow, time is sure flying and I am counting down the time for my daughter's quinceanera. It will be on August 16th. I am pretty much done with buying the decorations, after settling on ivy bowls for the tables, candy wrapped in tule fabric, along with hanging heart decorations and some pretty colored flowers too. I am going to set up a table in my sewing room and decorate it to be sure it will be what I want. I decided to make our invitations and bought some invitations from Hobby Lobby, got on microsoft works and wrote out what I want to say, by finding different sayings on various websites to help. I have called the guy who is going to make the cake to get that confirmed. The choreographer called last night and we will start the kids on the dancing practice at the end of the month. Now I have to make a cd of the music we are going to use. She has picked out "My Wish", by Rascal Flats for the Father/daughter dance. She has also picked out 2 cumbias for their dance "Fuego" and "No Tengo Dinero", both by Kumbia Kings. We still are lacking the introduction and the waltz, which will get picked by tomorrow. Her dress will be getting out of layaway this week so we can take some pictures of her in it for the table decorations as well. Gee, this is really getting close to time with so much more to do.

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