Monday, June 16, 2008

Swimming This Summer?

As soon as school let out, we went up to see my folks in Indiana, not much of a vacation because my mother had a stroke and we are still trying to deal with all the things that go with it, however, we just got back and since our municipal city pool was open, I took my daughter and her friend to go for a swim. I only let her stay about 3 hours, and when I picked her up, she told me that someone had gone through their bag with their clothing and towels in it and stolen her money! I was so shocked and upset that what small amount of time she was there, someone had shuffled through her things so quickly and taken every bit of cash she had. There's nothing anyone can do at this point, but I thought that there were lockers there to keep her things in, but no. What can you do about this? Not much, except only send them with the smallest amount of money possible. Anybody else have any suggestions? Oh, and one last pointer, make sure they take plenty of sunscreen for protection.

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