Monday, July 7, 2008

Choreographers For Your Quinceanera

Is a choreographer important to your daughter's quinceanera? I used to think maybe not, but now, I have a different opinion. I think that after being at tons of quinceanera parties and watching the dances, it sure does make alot of difference in the dance of the court. One thing to be watching for with choreographers is to make sure you get someone who is really good with the kids. Sometimes, especially if you have a super large court, the kids get to talking and don't always listen like they should. We are very fortunate that we have only 7 couples in all, making the choreographer's job a wee bit easier to manage. Make sure that you either get someone who's recommended from someone you know, or if you have found several, interview them to see what all they offer. I am very happy with our choreographer and I feel as though our dance is going to turn out wonderfully. He is strict, but he is very into his job and helps those who aren't getting the dance moves as quick as some of the others. Make sure you get a contract of the price and what all is offered for that price. And, if you find that your daughter's court of honor would rather do their own dance, that's ok too.

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