Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating Habits; Are They Affecting Your Teen?

Today's world seems to be spinning ever so quickly and often times we don't always stop and see what's going on. Yes, we are very concerned about our daughters and their grades in school, the kids she hangs out with but have you stopped to see what your teen is eating? Or even if they are eating 3 meals a day? Boys don't seem to have a problem with finding things to eat, but many girls can be quite picky about things, at least mine is. My daughter is very thin, fairly tall and likes to eat, but there are times that I have found that she skips a meal, then later coming back for snacks. She has the metabolizm that she can eat just about anything and still remain thin, but as of late, I have really had to stop and observe what she is actually eating. She was in band for the past 4 years, an english horse jumper, and we recently had her quince. I have noticed that there are times that she is just down-right exhausted and I was so concerned that I took her to the Dr. and they took a blood test and found that she is NOT anemic....ok, so what else could be the problem? It turned out that after a few other tests, it seems to be her diet, or lack of the proper kind of food. She loves fruit, so that wasn't the was the lack of enough protein in her eating habits. Not eating enough lean meat has been the source of her getting tired so quickly. We are now on a better track on her eating habits. Does your teen eat the right foods?

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