Monday, August 25, 2008

10 Things I Really Enjoyed About My Daughter's Quinceanera

Things I enjoyed most about my daughter's quinceanera......
1. I really enjoyed seeing the big smile on her face as she greeted so many guests.
2. I loved the fact that we rented a bear costume and our nephew came out in it and danced with all the kids, giving the young ones something to have fun with as well. My daughter was wonderfully suprized.
3. The cake was beautiful and I am glad that we went with the Martinez Bakery because they did an excellent job.
4. I asked all of my daughter's court of honor to sit together while eating and they were great. Not only did they stay together most of the night, they danced with each other and their parents, really being a part of the whole night. It was so nice.
5. Our choreographer did an excellent job with the court of honor's dancing. I am so glad we got him for the job.
6. I used a smaller company for the limo services with ALOT of research finding him but the limo was brand spanking new and he was on time and very courteous.
7. All of my grown kids were right there to help me out with serving the food and making guests feel welcome.
8. Jessica got 2 really special suprize gifts that she really has been wanting for a long time and that was a blessing right there.
9. Even though my daughter's real dad did not show up like he said he would, her step dad really stepped in and took over, which really eased her mind and made her feel more comfortable.

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