Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Your Teen Eating Enough Protein?

My teen is a beauty. Not only is she tall, but she is very thin. Most of her life, she has had pretty good eating habit, but since the past year or so, things have changed. She still eats plenty of fruits but truly doesn't like alot of meat. She only likes choice veggies and has been doing alot of snacking that doesn't include alot of protein. I looked online to see what types of food give is what I found.
oatmeal, wheat bread, eggs, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, beans, nuts, peas,and even peanut butter. Of course, lean red meats, chicken, bacon, and pork.
Not eating enough protein leaves you tired, lazy-feeling and just downright exhausted, which is just how she has been feeling over the summer. Now, we are going to get back on the right track of eating----MORE PROTEIN!!

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