Thursday, December 11, 2008

Was It Stealing Or Just Borrowing?

I happened to have gone out of town last week but was only gone for one night. I was on my way back and my daughter had someone pick her up so she could go out for the day. No problem, however, this person who picked her up, also happened to pick up MY sunday newspaper, which was in my yard. I came home, looked high and low for it and no paper. Well, when my daughter came back that afternoon, they also brought back my paper and said that they wanted to look at it. Everything was there, except for my beloved coupons, which do save me alot of money. My daughter said that the lady asked her if I used the coupons and she told her YES, but this did not matter to the lady. This lady decided to keep my coupons. Now, I explained to my daughter that it's not about the paper at all. I was upset that someone had taken upon themself to grab my paper and keep my coupons without asking. It's not about the materialist coupons, however, it's about RESPECT!!!! I would never have taken someone else's paper or anything that belonged to them and not ask first. I was blown away by this person's concept of give borrowing. Did it hurt me in any way? Actually no, but I still wonder where the respect was in this situation. I have talked to my daughter about respecting other people's things....and if you want to borrow something, please ask for it first....don't just take it. Don't take what doesn't belong to you !

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Angela (Checkup Today) said...

It almost sounds like this adult took complete advantage of the fact that your daughter was not confident enough to stand up to her. She walked all over your daughter and you as far as I'm concerned.

Was it stealing? In way, it was stealing. She took something that didn't belong to her and didn't bother to give it back. If she had been "borrowing" the newspaper then she would have returned the entire newspaper, coupons and all.

You are right, this is about RESPECT. Next time maybe your daughter can grab the newspaper and politely let the lady know that she needs to put the paper away because my Mom will be looking for it when she gets home.