Monday, December 15, 2008

How To Buy Christmas Without Breaking The Bank?

Teens love shopping and my daughter's no different. She had more than a dozen friends on her Christmas list last year and had to have that special something for each and every one of them. Dollar Tree really does offer alot of nice bath soaps, body lotions and things but what about from other places? I have found that Bath and Body Works really can deliver a great gift so close to Christmas.....they have lots of sales, not to mention the coupons that you can print out from your computer for free things. This year, my daughter has decided to hand out flavored candy canes since there's so many friends to give to this year. What ideas do you have for teens at a reasonable cost without breaking the bank? How about homemade fudge or cookies? There's tons of recipes online that your daughter can make and hand out! They can also be put into some really cute cookie bags as well.

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