Friday, January 23, 2009

Learning How What We Do Always Affects The Future

I want my daughter to learn that whatever she does in this life will always come back to her. If she is diligent about getting good grades in school, she will learn so much and make it easier to get into the college that she wants. Everything in life takes work if it's anything worthwhile. She was taking a look at some other people in our lives that have already grown up and have had problems along the way. Getting a good job requires hard work and a good attitude in life. While we were talking about this, she managed to take her cell phone out and do some texting in between our conversation. I reminded her that she will soon be driving and that the use of a cell phone will not be used during that time. I can't tell you how many people I see driving while talking on the phone and the number of accidents this can cause. Whatever we do in this life, we must know that it can always come back at us one day, even if it's years later. My dearest daughter, please learn that you pay for your actions and right now is the time to make sure that what you do is something you can be proud of later in life.

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