Friday, January 30, 2009

My Daughter's Tears About Her Father

Teens are smart, and sometimes just way too smart for their own good. My daughter had a very rude awakening this afternoon. I got a call from her father, who doesn't have time to come and visit her even though he only lives 7 minutes away. He told me that he was moving in with the other woman that he's had all these years, and that he wouldn't be as close anymore. Although he will be farther away, it isn't that much too far. I told her about his moving and the tears came tumbling down. I felt so horrible for her because even if she doesn't get to see him much, she knew he was still fairly close by. She knew about the other woman but thought that her dad was all alone. He even told her that this past Christmas that he didn't get any presents and that he was totally alone.....but that was not the truth. He finally admitted to me today that he was moving in and that he had been spending alot of time there. I told him that I had told our daughter that he must have spent Christmas there with her because we noticed him not home for several days.... so now he knows that his daughter knows that he wasn't alone. Why did he tell her something to make her feel bad? Only God knows why. I honestly think that he was still thinking that I would return back to him but there was no way that I could. Talking to my daughter was something that I needed to do, not to tell her anything bad about him, but to re-asure her that her dad was okay and that he was going to be alright. I told her to be happy for him. And now, I think she is.

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