Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can Teens Cook?

Does your teen cook? I don't mean toast, now. I am talking about being able to cook something beyond putting it into the microwave and waiting for the beep sound. Yes, most teens do that frequently, I know that my daughter does, but have you spent any time with your teen showing them how to make something to eat in the kitchen besides a microwave dinner? Where do you start, you might be asking....well, start with the simple. Knowing how to make eggs for breakfast, oatmeal and something for mornings is a good start. Take time to let them actually do some of the cooking with your help. I have taught my daughter how to get online to find a recipe and search through the cupboards to see if we have the right ingredients and bake a cake, all from scratch....and yes, they turn out delicious. I have tried to show her little tricks about using the spray pam to keep food from sticking, and also something as important as how to read the directions on the back of the box. My daughter enjoys cooking, even it it's just a hamburger helper night, she has also learned how to cook the meat and drain it, and follow the directions. It takes time but it's well worth it so they learn how to cook, especially in times when you can't.

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krishna kashyap av said...

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