Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teens Getting Around Without A Car

How much control do you have over your teen? I think that my daughter has alot of lee-way when it comes to things that she wants and places she wants to go. Of course, we are talking about the fact that she is not driving yet. At this age of a teen's life, they really seem to have alot of places that they want to go and sometimes a parent can feel like a chaufeur. That's okay as long as I get to see where it is that she wants to go to, and I get to set the time limits of when she comes and goes. I am honestly dreading that her driver's ed is coming up soon and not too long after that, she will be able to drive herself around. Yes, I do trust my daughter, but once they start driving, do you really think that they will come and go to only the places that you allow them to go? I think that even though she has me busy with needing rides, I can at least know that she is where I took her to. And once she starts driving on her own, well, that's another story altogether.

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