Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok, The Driver's Papers Are Filed and Waiting....

Thankyou all for wishing good luck with my daughter's driver's ed course. She is getting very excited about it. Luckily, she is my only child out of 5 who will actually listen. Maybe it's just a stroke of luck. I filled out that simple form, sent in my $20 and it should be back on it's way soon. Then the chore will begin. Here are a few other things that I am going to teach her along with the driver's ed, which is very important for me.
1. Never talk on the cell phone while driving. That means no texting either. Pull over somewhere if it's important.
2. Never get so close behind another car that you cannot see the back tires on the road. This at least gives you a little room in case someone rear ends you... you don't want to hit the car in front of you.
3. know how to follow rules of putting gas in the tank, that means locking your doors while outside the vehicle, no cell phone talking, paying attention to what you are doing, and your surroundings.
4. always keep a couple of extra bucks in your car in case of an emergency. That means trying to fill up before the car is completely empty.
5. Always watch out for the other guy!

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