Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Are Teens Really Interested In?

Do you know your teen very well? Do you know what kind of person that he/she will be when they grow up and enter into adulthood? Right now is a very impressionable time in their lives and they are still watching us, just like they did when they were babies. I have discovered that even though they are still maturing, they still offer a pretty good topic of conversation, along with the silly stuff as well. My daughter has already decided what she wants in life, and is gearing her goals toward that. Every child is different and I am finding out so much as I get older. My teen seems to be interested in what's happening in today's world.....as well as what goes on at school and her friends, but she seems to know quite alot about many things. I remember when I was her age, I wasn't worried about what was going on with the world as much, just about myself. Have you held a decent conversation with your teen lately? If not, you might want to start by talking about small topics, allowing them to express their opinions without any arguments. If so, isn't it nice to see what they have to say?


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