Monday, March 30, 2009

What Do You Think About The Parent-Taught Driver's Ed?

Since I started the parent taught drivers ed course, I have run across many people who really like the idea of it. Several other women have told me that they felt that their teens learned more during their sessions and felt that many driver's ed courses that are taught in public do not offer as much. I have been through driver's ed, although it was a very long time ago, but during the school year. I felt as though I learned alot, book-wise. I don't know if they offer as much time behind the wheel, and that is where it really counts alot. We want our teens to be good, defensive drivers. We want them to know how to manuever that car on the roads effectively. I know that sometimes it does scare me to see my youngest child driving but it's just has to happen. What do you think about driver's ed classes?

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