Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Your First Car

Tons of teens are getting cars as they start driving, or maybe they don't get their own car until graduation. Some get brand new cars and some don't. I have discussed with my teen, that getting ANY car is a blessing. Not everyone gets their first car handed to them. Well, we just so happened to be fortunate enough that her step brother gave her a car....nothing new of course, but it's a 93 mustang. It's a great old car, and something that doesn't have to be paid on monthly. My daughter is so pleased that she will have something of her own to drive, and believe me, I am pleased as well, because she goes to the barn every single day during the week, and this will definetly relieve me of that trip every day,that is, once she gets her permit. Her permit will be here in September so that's not far away.
Dear daughter, my advice to you is to take care of what you have. An old car isn't the prettiest thing, but it's got air conditioning, nice tires, good running motor and tranny.....and lastly, it's yours! Not only does this mean that it needs gas, but oil changes and washing as well. Oh boy am I glad there's a mechanic in the family!

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