Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting A Summer Job

While many parents don't mind if their teens sleep in all day during the summer, I guess I am just one parent who doesn't like it very much. Staying up until wee morning hours and sleeping the day away is just something that many teens do, and even my own older children have done as well. There are days that I let my daughter sleep in, but it's only because I know she needs the extra sleep. This summer, however, is going to be different. She wants to drive a car, she wants to make money to have something to spend, she also wants to have some money to save for herself in the next few years. My daughter didn't want to be bored this summer, so we decided that she either volunteer somewhere or get herself a part-time job. Now, knowing that jobs are harder to come by right now, she decided to try and get a job within the field that she is interested in for her future.....well, no such luck with any equestrian vets with a 15-almost 16 yr. old, so she went towards the dog/cat field. There are many kennels around, mostly needing little things done such as walking the dog, feeding, cleaning up the kennels (yes, of course it's messy) but this is what she wanted. I helped her out by calling around to see at what age they hire. Wrote down a list of the ones saying they were taking applications and we decided on one that was fairly close to the house. She dressed appropriately, went in alone, talked to the lady in charge, filled out the application, interviewed at the same time and wow!!!! Much to our suprize, she got hired on the spot!!!!
Tomorrow is her first day home from school, and she will be going into work. It's only part time so this will be wonderful....not only will she make a little money, but she will not be bored this summer!

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