Friday, May 15, 2009

Here Comes Another Summer......Time Is Passing So Quickly

With yet fastly approaching the closing of another school year, I am starting to feel as though my baby has grown up so quickly and time seems to sneak by so fast. We've had a good year though, mostly adjusting to no more band, or football games to attend because she isn't in band any longer, but blossoming on to newer things in her life. She is going to go to her first horse show this weekend and I am so happy to see that she is making progress in her future planning. She still wants to be a horse veteranarian and is taking all the neccessary classes in high school to gear herself towards that goal. She is taking more responsibility with her horse and is about finished with the parent-taught driver's ed. I feel very proud that she is heading in the right direction. What's coming for the summer? Hopefully a part-time summer job so that she can learn how to manage money. I am going to set her up a checking account as soon as she gets a job so I can start teaching her about money and how to spend wisely...and to save. What plans do your teens have for the summer?

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