Monday, July 20, 2009

How Talking To Your Teen Really Helps

Talking to my teen is mostly easy, but that's because we have always had a good repore and can talk to each other, however, I have had 4 other teens before her that weren't as easy to talk with. Starting early at having nice and calm discussions really make a difference. I have also found that talking things over and giving them a chance to voice their opinion is also good. You don't have to always agree with their thoughts, but you can find out more about how they are thinking by listening. From the beginning, I have let my teens know what I expect from them and if they don't follow the rules, what will happen. Finding the right discipline really helps and for me, it's all about letting her do things and have some freedom but if she doesn't make wise choices then taking away the electronics make a difference....but she hasn't challenged that yet because she has seen her older brothers and sisters go through it and has decided not to upset the apple cart. Following through with what you say you will do is also something that must be done for them to understand that what you say, you mean. Take interest in what your teen says because it allows you to see inside of their world.

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