Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spending Your Paychecks Wisely

When teens start working, they are so excited when that first and even the second check hits their hands. What do they do with it? Spend it, of course. I have stated in previous posts that I helped my daughter set up her own bank account so that she can learn how to manage her money more wisely. This has been really good so far because when she gets her check, she decides how much to leave in the account to spend and how much goes into the savings. Good thing with her account is that she can get online and transfer it back and forth.....that works for her!
With school fastly approaching, she has decided to spend a little bit on clothing and it really helps me out because she is buying what she really wants, and learning how to shop for bargains. There are, of course, times that she wants something a little over-priced but then again, she's in the beginning stages of learning, and that can take time.
Dear daughter, right now, you are earning your own money, but when you get out of school, and you are on your own, it won't be as much fun spending it because there will be bills after you get your own place, so now is a great time to learn how to look for bargains., and still enjoy spending what you have.

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