Thursday, August 20, 2009

Parent Taught Drivers Ed Update

Well, my daughter just turned sweet 16, and that means that next month will make her 6 months of holding her driver's permit and she will be able to finally get that license. I am very proud of her because she has become a really good driver. I think that the 6 months driving with an adult gives them the experience of becoming more sure of what they're doing, and also gives them plenty of opportunity to be able to deal with the real world of driving. School will start next week and she won't be able to driver herself yet, but it will soon come and I am happy about it. Now, my rules for her driving alone has been let known to her so she's prepared for it. Here are my rules for her:
No cell phone or texting while in the car driving
Drive by the rules
No driving anywhere other than school, the barn and to work unless asking first
Keep the car decently clean
Always keep gas in the car, just in case
If there's a problem with the car, always let me know before it gets to be a problem
Always watch out for the other driver because they are not always watching for you.

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