Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finally Got My Daughter's Car Back

Gee wiz, I thought I would never get my daughter's car back, but $421.60 later, it's back and running like a dream....actually, it is like a dream because now I have my own car back and that's a wonderful thing.
Her car is a 93 ford mustang, automatic, and gets her from school to work and back and forth to the barn..... I am so happy I could scream about it.
I know, you are probably wondering why I am so happy about my teen having freedom, and actually, it's not that, but it's a little bit of freedom for me! I don't have to drive her back and forth like I had to do up until this point. My teen had alot of places that she needed to go and to have her be able to drive herself is great. I will add here that she has earned this, at least I feel so. She is not allowed to talk on her cell or text while driving. She has to let me know when she gets where she's going and she doesn't get to go where-ever she wants, so it's all good. I trust my daughter, and that's a good thing.

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