Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping Her Room Clean!

Oh what a wonderful teen that I have, and yet, we still have something that it an issue, but not anything really's her ROOM! Oh how I want to go into that room and clean it all up while she's at school but I know that I cannot. I can threaten to clean it up while she's gone, just to see if I get a reaction out of her and hopefully get her to start picking it up, but will it actually get done? Most likely, it will, but I know it's not going to be the kind of clean that I WANT! Well, I suppose if this is the only gripe I have right now, that's great. I guess coming from a mother who has had her own business of cleaning houses for over 25 years, I want a much cleaner room that what I know I will get, but I think that as long as she's keeping it half-way decent, I can't really complain that much. She vaccums the living room without being prompted to do so, helps wash dishes without my asking, but when it comes to her own room..........I give up!

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