Friday, March 19, 2010

All Sports Can Lead To Injuries

We all love sports. We hear all the time about football players or baseball players getting injured. Riding horses is also a sport that can cause injuries..... actually for the past couple of weeks, my teen has been going through a really tough time. Frenchie, our horse, has had a bit of trouble with her hoolves lately, making her unable to be ridden. My daughter went out to the barn every day to treat and wrap Frenchie's hoolf, but she wanted to ride, so she got on 3 different horses and was thrown off all 3 times. Each and every time, my hard-headed teen said that she was okay and didn't need to go to the Dr.......until one morning, she tried to get up for school and just couldn't get out of bed for a little while. I called our chiropractor, who takes care of her back and asked her to take a look and we were sent for x-rays.....and those came out okay, and then we were sent for an MRI.....take, thank GOD, came out alright, so she is being treated for a bruised back.. I am so thankful that there were no breaks, but also have to say here that all sports can lead to injuries. My daughter always wears her helmet, and I am grateful for that, but I have now let my darling daughter know that she needs to stay away from the other horses for awhile and let herself heal. I must say that while the Dr was telling her of what COULD have happened, we both cried as my daughter doesn't want to give up her hobby. You cannot take away a child's dreams but it's always wise to be as cautious as possible.

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Tessman said...

I definitely understand your fears. I have owned horses for a good portion of my life (and so has my mom) and have gotten into so many accidents. I have ridden over 40 different horses working for various barns and showing...despite this, my mom still never gave up her fear every time I climbed into the saddle. It is passion that drives us to keep riding. Let your daughter recover, but don't let her lose her confidence in riding:)