Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime Things...

Well, the new job officially starts next week and she has now learned which pool she will be working in. We had to visit the chiropractor a couple of days ago because she pulled 6 ribs out of place during the life guard training. Thankfully, the chiropractor showed her some excercises to do each morning before getting up that will help her body get the stretching it needs. Even though my teen is very tiny and slim, she still isn't in the shape that she needs to be in, so she's working on it, and was told that crunches were really good for building the ab muscles. Riding her horse is still in the picture but due to the extreme hot weather, she can only be ridden on in the late evening or very early morning., but Frenchie is probably glad for the break right now. Things have been up and down for my daughter and the long-time boyfriend and it's very stressful. I really hope that things calm down soon. I am happy that we can discuss things and I try to always have an ear to hear what she's saying...even when she's not saying it. Summer is definetly challenging, to say the least. How is your summer going?

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