Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teens And Summer Jobs

Having a summer job is a great thing for a teen who is trying to learn responsibility, not to mention the paycheck that comes every week or every other week....however, after they have been working for awhile, you might hear those oh-so- familiar words: "I'm tired" or...."I don't like my job". That is not something I enjoy hearing but I have expressed to my daughter that we are ALL tired after working, and if you want anything in life, you MUST work for it. But, realizing that some jobs just aren't all cracked up to be the best one in life, I have given her this advice:
1.Don't quit your present job until you have another job to replace it
2.Realize that this job depends upon you to do your part, so don't just take off because you want to
3.Look for another job that you feel will suit you better, but look diligently
4.Always give your job a notice before you up and quit because it looks better on your resume
5.Try finding a job that fits in with what you want to do in life so you can get to know the field you want to work in, in your future.

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