Saturday, July 17, 2010

Horses And Resonsibilities

Being at the barn isn't only about the's about the clean up as well. Horses need to have their hooves picked to get all the junk out of them so they can have a nicer ride, and so it's a better feel for your horse too. This is a friend of my daughter's who is learning about horsemanship. Having a horse is a wonderful experience but as my daughter can tell anyone, it's not easy. We have had our horse, Frenchie, for 3 years now. My teen goes out to ride, pick hooves, brush, give baths, and totally spoils Frenchie with apples and carrots. Frenchie has been in several competitions with my daughter for walk, trot and canter. She also jumps as well. It's been rewarding having her, and also seems to keep my daughter well-grounded as well. Always remember, that having a horse is an enormous responsibility, even if you do have a full-care barn.

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