Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Year Of High School

The last year of high school for my daughter has just begun....all seems well. I have noticed a large difference in my teen. Nothing bad, but just annoying. I suppose it's supposed to be that way, because they are at the age of trying to assert themselves as upcoming adults into this world. Scary, but true.
No more ex-boyfriend this year because she has decided not to go back with him, and it hurts her just as much as him, but this is the last year of school.....a time to get her head on right about what her future brings; college, direction in life,and  enjoying her friends before all the adulthood things come along like the rent and electricity bills.
She has just gotten a new job, which is very much directed in the field that she wants(vet) and things are looking good. Next year she will be going off to college and I am starting to worry about it now.  I need to look into scholarships and grants to help her out some. And we have a beautiful horse that will be going where she goes...Wish me luck!

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