Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am so frustrated with my darling teen right now.... I just don't know what's going through her head sometimes. We get along very well for a mother and daughter but since she's no longer going out with the same boy, so much about her has changed.  She has a new job in the industry that she wants to pursue in college....that is going very well.  But now, she wants to only work  Monday through Thursday but it's not even 3 hour shifts and she thinks that is going to cover her car payment, gas AND have money left over to go eat out and run to the mall?  I don't think so! It might cover her car note, and gas, but nothing will be left over, and I just don't want to hear about it. She told me that she wants to be free on Friday nights so that she can go to the football games, and have the whole weekend free....however, her job only works her for 5 hours at a time on the weekend, and that's not really much. She wants things her way, but she isn't looking at the fact that she needs money for other stuff too!  Simply frustrating!  And she thinks that I am trying to tell her what to do...how can that be? Who in the world would think that she could set her own hours?   UGGGGHHHHH

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