Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soon To Be College Bound....Really?

One half of school is nearly at it's end, and after the holiday season passes, the last semester of my daughter's senior year will be off and running. She has chosen to go to Oklahoma University, which is a great place to go, as well as my other two grown daughters living near there, she will not be completely alone. I have never had an empty nest and this will be my first time to experience it. I am a bit worried and am not sure how I am gonna handle the experience. I am very happy for my daughter, as she is starting to look at her future plans. Is she ready? I would have to say that I feel that she will handle most things pretty well. I have spent her entire life teaching her things that she will need to know to be on her own. She just got a new boyfriend last month, and this one looks like a keeper...he's a really great guy. Will this change her college plan location? I guess we will see.

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