Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh! The Changing Of Minds!

Well, my daughter has decided to change her mind on being a veterinarian.....which is something that she's wanted for a VERY long time. She's still working for a vet right now as a pet nurse assistant and loves doing so, but she is starting to think of college and long term going to she has decided to persue ultrasound technician work....which, pays just as much as a vet, if not a little more....and less schooling. She has finally decided to schedule her SAT for January and has already applied to the college that she is wanting to attend. I was not seeing any forward movement on anything until she made this final decision. I fret just a little bit about her change, because I know it's not something that she has been wanting to do all these years, but she still intends to work in the veterinary field while going through college....perhaps she'll change her mind, but that remains to be seen. All I want for my teen is that she's happy doing what she persues in life.

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