Tuesday, January 11, 2011

College Or Navy?

Yes, the time has come that my darling teen daughter is contemplating her future.  Honestly, the Navy or Air Force scares me a bit, because of the fighting going on over seas, but.....not all positions go overseas...besides, it's her decision. She wants to do so many things in life and now it's coming of time for her to start making some decisions.  She has chosen to go to OU, which is a great university to go to, but awhile back, she expressed interest in going into the Navy, but , because of a past boyfriend, he really influenced her decision and she backed off of it. Now, with no boyfriend, and only her own thoughts, she is expressing interest again. I want for my daughter to make her own decision because I want her to do what SHE wants in life, not what anyone else wants. I am an anxious, wondering mother here, just waiting to see what she is going to decide....either way, I will support her.

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