Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nervous Mother....And No Navy Jobs Were Available At That Time

Well, all the paperwork was filled out, the date was set and my daughter went to the NAVY MEPS, which is where they process for the military.  I was a TOTAL nervous wreck. My daughter got out of school right after lunch, and proceeded to her recruiter's office....from there, she went to take her ASVAB.  She passed ! So, one thing down....much more to go.  That night she went to a hotel where the military sends a van/bus and they are briefed, given a room with a room mate, fed dinner and I might add, it was a VERY lovely hotel. Up at 3:15 am the next morning to get breakfast and shower, and to catch the van again to go back to the MEPS office. I feel like the second day was an extremely long one, but it was because she had to go through many tests, medical and then on to someone who would assign her a job.......She passed everything ! She did so well, however....there were NO jobs. NONE.  So, she came home, and very dissapointed, I might add.  I was sad for her too, but there was nothing I could do. Now, she's scheduled to go back next week, which will be the first of the month, to see if she can find a job that she's qualified for.  I guess we'll see, but I am not looking forward to all the waiting and wondering. I supposed I can just let God take care of it and if she's meant to get a Navy job, then God will let it happen. Please pray for us......I suppose you can say... I am a VERY nervous mother. 

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