Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Does A Parent Survive Raising A Teen?

How do we survive as parents, raising a teen? How about a teenage daughter? Sometimes I feel like I am about to break. For a long time, my darling teen wanted to go to school to be a Vet. .....and after she got a job working with animals, she moved up to a pet nurse assistant and decided that she really didn't want to become a vet....although she loves animals, especially her horse. Veterinarian school takes many many years and she then decided that she wanted to still help and work in the health field so she started becoming interested in ultrasound tech...we even visited the university that she wanted to attend out of state. Soon after that came her wanting to join The Navy....and she came so very close.  All the tests were passed, physical, the whole nine yards done....but very scarce in jobs...NOW....she has been dating this really nice guy and has decided to wait a year on Navy things, and has even looked into The Air Force and The Marines....only because she said that she wants to be informed and know all of her choices....GREAT !  I say, however, all this change is about to drive me bananas. I am happy for one thing, that she is trying to find her way now, before she graduates high school this year, but on the other hand, all this back and forth almost has me dizzy. There is so much required these days in college and funds are not as abundant as they used to be. Every day I see in the news of people getting laid off...from teachers to city workers and I just don't know what's going to happen's for sure, at least in my opinion...that this country is NOT doing better as far as economy. Can a parent survive raising a teen these days? With many options for their future, I wonder what my darling daughter will want next....and so I wait......patiently.

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Edie Mindell said...

You're right. Patience really is our best friend when it comes to dealing with our teenage kid. Patience coupled with understanding should be instilled for us to survive.