Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Daughter's Horse.....Frenchie

My daughter has made prom plans, and we have such a busy year this year, but she still dedicates almost every day to spending time with her horse, Frenchie.  Frenchie and my teen have grown together and it's been a wonderful experience for them both. Frenchie came from a father, and grandfather who have won championships through racing. Frenchie was almost in the same way of life, trained and ready to run, until my daughter came along, touched the owner's heart with her love for Frenchie, that he sold her to us. My daughter has plans for her Frenchie.....and that means going where she goes....whether it's Navy, or college. I look back now, and am so glad that I gave my daughter the chance to have Frenchie. Having a horse has made her a wonderful person. She has compassion, she has tolerance, endurance, and patience, plus the fact that she had to work and volunteer for a couple of years to earn her right to have a horse. Horses are very expensive, especially if you don't have the land to keep them on. Frenchie has been more than just your average "pet".  She has become a way of life for my daughter, and  I am very proud of all that she has accomplished by having her and training her.

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