Friday, July 22, 2011

Granddaughter's Upcoming Quinceanera

I have a granddaughter who will be having a quince in about a year and 4 months.  Right now, believe it or not, is the time to start planning.  First of all, at this stage of the game,  it's too early to pick out a dress, because of course, you want it to fit....but you CAN start planning on colors, themes, start a notebook with ideas of how many people you will be inviting,  writing down their names so you can get a head count on how big of a place you will need to rent for the upcoming event. Most event locations like to have a year notice, especially if it's a place that gets booked up quickly. Plan on calling around places in your area, remembering that you need to be able to have the quinceanera in a location that's not too far from your home area so that your daughter's friends will all be able to attend. Once you get your notebook started, keep track of how much the event locations are charging, write it all down, even how much the deposit is. If you and your daughter can come up with a theme for the quince, you can start looking around for decorations on sale. I suppose I will once again start getting ready to help, especially since I went through one just nearly 3 years ago with my own daughter (the youngest).

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